Men’s and Women’s Tailored Shorts

mens tailored shorts

The term tailored shorts can refer to both men’s and women’s shorts that have the look of a pair of suiting pants but are cut at a shorter length. They can be made from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim or seersucker and they can also be made to a custom or altered fit. They are popular with delivery truck drivers, postal workers and fitness instructors because they allow them to keep cool while still maintaining appropriate business attire. They are also common in outdoor cafes where waiters or waitresses can wear them to keep cool while working. Find out men’s tailored shorts –

Choosing the right type of tailored shorts is a matter of striking a balance between comfort and style. Too short and you risk a skirt effect that can look silly while too long can make your legs appear disproportionate. The length you choose will depend on your body shape as well – muscular men may be better off with slim fitted styles while those with more feminine figures should avoid baggy styles that could add bulk to the torso area.

Refined Style: Exploring the Versatility of Men’s Tailored Shorts

Fabric choice is another important consideration. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are best suited for active use as they offer excellent durability and moisture management. However, they tend to be less breathable than natural fibers and are prone to wrinkling. For summer wear a lightweight cotton or linen is the best option – these fabrics are also highly breathable. A more formal look can be achieved with wool shorts but this is a style that requires a little more care.