Fishin’ Frenzy Game Review

fishing frenzy

Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or you just love the idea of catching fish, fishing frenzy is the game for you. The game is simple to play but offers plenty of features to keep you entertained.

The main objective is to catch as many fish as possible in a set amount of time. The player with the most points wins. The game can be played for a long time if you can run a good streak of wins.

There are many prizes to be won in Fishin’ Frenzy. If you get a lot of color on a fish, you’ll score three points. If you don’t, you’ll still get two points.

Some of the prizes include a Flopper Champion, Mythic Goldfish, Slurpfish Champion, and Small Fry Champion. The Slurpfish Champion, Mythic Goldfish, and Small Fry Champion must be completed before the end of the event.

Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways Game Play

You’ll also be able to win through the gifting system. The winners will be notified via email, attached to their Epic ID. Each server region will have one winner in each category.

The game’s leaderboards will show the top 10 players in each category. Each day at 12pm ET, the leaderboards will be updated.

Fishin’ Frenzy can be played for free and for real money. In addition to the jackpot prize, you’ll be able to win great cash prizes.

You can play in normal mode or hard mode. The score can be up to 140. The game is very similar to Donkey Kong.