Becoming a Licensed Home Inspector

This Spokane Tree Pro credential comes from the third party data sources of three different nationwide non-profit organizations. All three of these entities work in conjunction with the national real estate board to ensure that all of their members are thoroughly trained and qualified to administer their licensing exams. The three entities who make up the Spokane Tree Pro credentialing team are Certified Home Inspector, the National Association of Home Inspectors and the National Broker Network.

Tree Service from Spokane Tree Pro 

A home inspector from Spokane, Washington will typically complete a thorough background and screening process when he or she is preparing to provide a referral to a real estate broker. Home inspectors are trained to spot problems that may not be readily apparent to the clientele and these are two of the most important items that he or she can identify and discuss with the real estate broker. The home inspector will also go over various documents that should be attached with the reference and will ask the real estate broker about their knowledge of these items and whether they believe that their broker is informed about them. Once the home inspection has been completed and the home inspector has provided a recommendation for selling the house or rental property, the home owner or renter will be sent an identification card by the home inspector which identifies him or her as the person referred to in this letter.

By becoming a licensed home inspector, you can offer your services to thousands of sellers and buyers who are looking for a home to purchase or rent. You can also offer your services to companies and individuals who need to know if a service professional is honest and responsible. It’s a great way to make extra money or supplement your current income while working smarter. Being a certified Spokane Tree Pro is definitely worth the extra time and effort to find this credential and become a home inspector in Spokane.

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