Buddhist Funeral Services
buddhist funeral services singapore

Buddhist funeral services are a popular choice for those who are planning a special memorial for their loved one. With its focus on unity and compassion, it is a fitting tribute to the memory of the individual. For those unable to attend a standard Buddhist service due to religious or location constraints, Buddhist funeral services Singapore provide a full service, from start to finish.

Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist funeral services in Singapore are available in a wide range of denominations, including Taoism, Zen, Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Depending upon the preference of the deceased, services may be conducted in any number of formats, including a memorial service, a service with scripture and hymns, a vegetarian meal, and even a service devoid of scripture and food offerings. “As a trusted Buddhist bereaved family service provider in Singapore that offers a comprehensive 1Strictly protocol service package, our goal is to provide quality and utter peace of mind for families during this time,” says John K. Brown, Executive Director of Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore. “The Buddhist belief is that death is a transition of life and there is no fear of pain or anguish during this time, since death is the release of the karmic bonds that have been created throughout a person’s lifetime.”

A number of companies in Singapore such as SGH Singapore offer Buddhist funeral services at competitive prices. They conduct the services with care, using only natural and organic funeral materials. According to Buddhist tradition, a body must be loved beyond death. Buddhist cremation services provide families with the options they need to create a beautiful memorial for their deceased loved one, while still respecting his or her dignity and opting for a cremation instead of burial.

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