Knee High Socks
knee high socks

Knee high socks have been around for a long time. In the early seventeenth century, they were commonly worn by English women. The sock known as the slipper was created by a man called John Bates, who was the first person to create this fashionable footwear. Sock-less shoes have been around ever since but with the introduction of jeans and Capri pants, the popularity of the knee high sock also declined. However, in recent years, they have once again gained in popularity with both men and women. Part of this has to do with the fact that slippers have lost their appeal, as the leg is exposed without any type of covering on the outside of the foot.}

Knee high socks are the type of clothing that go up to the thigh and down the calf of the leg. They are typically hosiery which covers the legs from ankle to knee. This is a very important sock to have, as it protects the lower legs from nasty things like sprain, twisted ankles and shin splints. Also, a popular fashion accessory for both men and women, they can be worn with many modern, casual or semi-formal outfits. In fact, many people like to wear knee high socks with jeans, as it makes the outfit look more fun and relaxed.

One of the most common styles of knee high socks is the knitted variety, which are usually worn during the warmer months. These particular style of socks can be worn with almost any outfit, although they tend to be seen with dress trousers or gilets. Other styles include the other less common printed variety, which tends to be worn with skirts or with other more formal outfits. The most common printed type is the patterned variety, which can be seen on a wide variety of different items such as ties and scarves. Finally, the boots are perhaps the most popular item that this type of stocking goes with, as they can be worn with almost anything – from formal to casual.…

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