Baton Rouge Painters

Baton rouge painters bring new life to homes in and around the city. They are experts in painting and use the right materials to ensure their work is beautiful, durable and long-lasting.

What skills does a painter need?

Baton Rouge has an active plein air scene. Local painters meet up every week to paint outdoors. They gather at the Magnolia Mound Plantation or other local spots and share their canvases.

They also participate in large-scale public art projects like the Red Stick Project, a nonprofit that revitalizes blighted areas with murals. Evelyn Ware-Jackson, the project’s founder, said her mission is to “restore pride, purpose and passion” to neighborhoods.

Artists to Watch

Among the area’s most popular artists are Bryson Boutte, a manga-style painter who is known for his wall murals and anime paintings; Taylor Hunter, a New Orleans photographer who creates storytelling, dynamic imagery that captures the aura and feeling of her subjects; Erick Fields, a self-taught painter who uses contrast, geometric shapes, and text in flat digital paintings.

Other Baton Rouge artists include Sage Edgerson aka Legatron Prime, a dance-music DJ who curates energetic experiences with consent-only dance floors for women and people of color. She also has a background in fashion and wardrobe styling.

Musicians: Lango and Julien Bass

Baton Rouge is home to a number of musicians who are changing the way we listen to music. Lango, an alternative rap artist with autotuned melodies and echoey raps, will be performing at BUKU in March. His music is a mixture of trap, rock, and electronic sounds.