The Importance of Surge Protection

The Importance of Surge Protection

A surge protector is a small electronic device that Alltechglobal | protection surges protects your electronics from electrical surges. Although the surges themselves are only a few hundred volts, they can damage your electronics. They can also leak up to 15 percent of their energy into the surrounding air, which can cause fires or electrocution. Depending on the model of surge protector you choose, a few types of protection will be enough to prevent damage. Some surge protectors feature multiple protection elements.

Surge protection has two types. One is a permanent connection on the load side of the primary overcurrent disconnect. This type may not require a dedicated fuse. Another type of surge protector is dual-rated, which means it has dual rating, so it can be installed at both the service entrance and the main house. While the SPD is more expensive, it provides the highest protection levels. It will also require a dedicated fuse to protect against overloads.

Using surge protection is essential in preventing power surges. Earlier, only some types of domestic dwellings were required to install surge protection, which excluded underground cables. But today, surge protection is required in all types of premises, including new builds and properties that are being rewired. If you have an older building, you may need additional protection for it. This type of surge protection can be installed in a temporary enclosure for the time being, but it is essential to protect your home and family from the harmful effects of power spikes.

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