Archaeologist Companies

There are several different types of archaeologist companies. The first type of archaeologist is the one that is a citizen of the country in question. This type of company will only work on sites that have been declared archaeologically significant. In addition, these companies may have a range of equipment and machinery. These companies can provide an array of services for any site, including excavations, re-enactments, museum tours, and more. Useful website

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archaeologist companies

An archaeologist may also be working for a private company or regulatory agency. The latter type of company will assess the feasibility of excavation sites. In this process, an archaeologist will survey the site to determine whether it is feasible to excavate. They will also review the historical and modern records to determine if excavation is necessary and will help preserve cultural history. They will also consult with local authorities to find out if any local preservation efforts are needed, if any.

Another type of archaeologist company may be a specialized one. A cultural resource management (CRM) archaeologist company will work on sites that have cultural importance. These companies are responsible for maintaining archaeological sites and follow federal historic preservation laws. Some CRM archaeologists work in a variety of positions, including temporary assistants, project managers, and administrators. These professionals will write reports, oversee staff, and engage in public outreach and education.