Accommodation Cowra – A Luxury Stay in Bangalore

accommodation cowra

Accommodation Cowra is one of the newest and most exciting luxury hotels in Bangalore that has received an award from the prestigious Kichler company for its unmatched luxury, excellent accommodation and hospitality services. Kichler is the largest and most prominent International Real Estate and leisure property firm in the world. The hotel enjoys a good reputation throughout the region for its exemplary service and accommodation facilities.

Accommodation cowra – The newest and most exciting luxury hotels in Bangalore

The hotel boasts a number of luxury features such as The Royal Garden, The Pool and The Spa. The hotel is equipped with top class business facilities. It also has The Library, The Health and Well Being Wing, The Conference and Social Club, The Central Hall, The Pool Bar, and The Restaurant. You can take a stroll along the Royal Garden and discover The Pool which is an exclusive outdoor swimming pool. The restaurant of the hotel offers you delicious South Indian cuisine and international cuisines.

The reception area of the hotel boasts of a fitness club, a spa and a restaurant. The pool has a water slide for your enjoyment. It is situated on the second floor of the hotel. As per the luxury standards, the hotel is furnished with clean and contemporary furniture. All rooms of the hotel have telephones with direct dialing facilities and air conditioning installed in each room.