Getting Waxed – The Procedure and Tips for Sensitive Areas of the Body

Brazilian waxing, sometimes called “calvados” or “scissor waxing,” is a form of waxing that has become very popular in recent years. It involves the use of a special, hot wax that is applied, and then quickly pulled off – or scissor-waxed – leaving your skin smooth and soft. Many women favor this method of waxing for its realistic look and feel. It is also relatively inexpensive, and it works well on smaller areas of the body – and there are some men who prefer the effect.

brazilian waxing

Getting Waxed

Another type of Brazilian waxing involves the use of a fine layer of foam or cream that is applied to the skin, which is then spread onto the pubic area and worked in with a rotating scissor-like tool. The fine layer of foam or cream will help keep the hairs in place. However, if too much cream is used, it can cause discomfort on the skin. Some people might also experience burning sensations when the fine layer of cream is applied. If this happens to you, stop the treatment and contact a physician right away.

To help minimize the discomfort, getting waxed at a spa that uses products that are soothing and non-damaging may be best. Brazilian waxes should not be done on sensitive areas of the body. The procedure will also take longer if the procedure is performed on sensitive areas. Getting waxed in a professional waxing salon can also be an option.