How to Remove Traffic Film

traffic film remover

A strong and effective caustic-based traffic film remover that contains a pH balanced solution which effectively removes tough and deeply soiled traffic film from any surface. This highly effective paste of surfactant with grade 8 corrosive agents, designed specifically to remove oil, grease and traffic film from your car’s windows. It also includes a powerful UV lamp to permanently seal and protect the glass surface of your automobile window from future peeling and cracking. Read more –

How to Remove Traffic Film

The UV lamp also helps in protecting your vehicle’s factory clear coat, preventing it from fading when exposed to sunlight. This brand of car window film protectors and cleaners are formulated to resist cracking, peeling and chipping and are safe for your vehicle’s upholstery.

Waxed Polyurethane is another popular brand of traffic control products. This highly versatile wax is applied with the included applicator stick using a small paintbrush. The wax can be used in an extremely wide variety of applications, such as to clean car windows, clear windshields from snow and hail, and remove blacktop stains from the top of your vehicle. Waxed Polyurethane washers are often referred to as snow foaming washers, because they produce a thick, white foam wash that you can use on cars and sidewalks alike.

There are two types of Polyurethane removers. One is the standard version, which uses standard-sized sheets of wax or plastic, a brush with which to spread the material, and a nozzle to apply the material. The other type of remover uses an injection unit that forces hot melted plastic into a strip orifice on the surface to be stripped. Depending on your needs, you can choose either or both types. The standard polyurethane remover is more economical because it requires less energy than the second kind and produces less waste.

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